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Curriculum Overview

Heathrow Christian Academy currently uses the Creative Curriculum.  Creative Curriculum guides teachers in fostering positive responses to Erik Erikson's stages of socio-emotional development.  Children learn to trust others, gain independence and self-control, and take initiative and assert themselves in socially acceptable ways.  Teachers help children feel safe and encourage them to explore both new materials and new relationships with peers and adults.  The curriculum will encourage enthusiasm for learning, promote a positive self-image, emphasize the love of God, and affirm MWPC's commitment of nurturing the students and their families.  The Creative Curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten provides teachers with a clear and concrete way to apply child development and learning theories to their everyday work with preschool children.  Its underlying philosophy draws from widely accepted research and theories of child development and learning. 

Teachers using The Creative Curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten are able to meet the needs of children with a broad range of abilities. Children with different learning styles and needs are able to function together in a well-organized environment. The Creative Curriculum® Developmental Continuum helps teachers focus on the sequence of the development of skills and learning to help all children grow and develop.

With an understanding of content and how children learn it, teachers can expand the opportunities they offer children to acquire knowledge and understand concepts. They can make a direct link between the preschool curriculum and what children will learn in elementary school. When the content of the curriculum is taught with children's development in mind, children are more likely to be successful learners who feel excited about and challenged by what they are learning.

A weekly chapel will be held for the three and four-year-old students and Kindergarten, which will include Bible story lessons, songs, and prayer. Daily prayer times will be conducted before snacks and lunch.


Supplemental Curriculum:

  • Healthy Habits for Life Curriculum developed by Nemours Children’s Hospital

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • Conscience Discipline

  • Growing UP Wild!

  • VPK Standards as set forth by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE)

  • FLDOE Standards

If you have any questions regarding the school program, please contact us at (407) 333-2045. 

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