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Cassidy Hornsby

Director of Student Ministry

Cassidy has a Bachelor of Art in Christian Studies at Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Christian Ministry at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Cassidy was born in raised in California. During her senior year of college, she served as the Assistant Director of Children's Ministry at Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church in San Diego, CA. After graduation, she moved to Florida to be with her fiancée Clayton.

“When I moved from California to Florida, I spent several months trying to find a church. I went to a lot of great churches; however, Markham Woods felt like home. It is a church where it is evident of how welcoming and loving they are.

At MWPC, I want to create a safe community for students to come and be themselves. The core of my philosophy of ministry is love - a love of God, self, and others. I hope IMPACT will serve as a place where every student is seen, valued, and heard. Student Ministry is about creating leaders and sending them out into the world. I have a strong passion for creating this safe environment for the students and feel I can live out my passion here.

I am excited to work at Markham Woods because of how fun the students are! There are some fantastic, sweet, and funny students! My hope for IMPACT is it becomes a community. I am excited about all the lessons, games, trips, and events the students will be participating in, and hope it will form a safe and loving community!

I love all things Disney, reading, and hanging out with my dogs! I have a baby basset hound named Razzie, and Clayton has a dog named Stevie. We are not sure what breed Stevie is, but she is adorable! If you love dogs, come find me, I have dozens of pictures of them.”

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