“Maundy” is an English form of the Latin word for commandment. The overarching theme of Maundy Thursday is Jesus' new commandment, given on this the eve of his death, to "love one another even as I have loved you" (John 13:34). 

Maundy Thursday is the night of the final meal that Jesus had with his disciples. On that night, Jesus not only washed his disciple’s feet in example of his commandment to love. Then, later He lifted up the bread and the wine and established a new sacrament in his name. This is also the night of Gethsemane-the night of anguish of his soul as he faced his betrayal and fast approaching death.

This evening service helps us remember the Last Supper shared by Jesus and his disciples prior to his death. This is an informal service during which we share communion, remembering the Passover meal shared the day before Jesus' arrest. We also take part in a traditional Hebrew hand-washing, prior to Communion.

This is the more family-friendly of our two mid-week services. 

The service begins at 7:00pm and usually lasts just shy of an hour.

Free childcare is provided.  



'Tenebrae' is Latin for 'shadows' or 'darkness', and appropriately this evening service is often called a Service of Shadows. Tenebrae is an ancient service dating back to the early days of the church where the arrest, crucifixion, and death of Jesus are remembered through scripture, corresponding music, and the extinguishing of candles. 

This dramatic service serves as a a prequel to our Easter worship service and is something you don't want to miss! 

By the end of the service, the sanctuary will be dark, and images of the cross will be covered in black cloth, where they will remain until the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Some small children may be frightened by the more dramatic elements of the service, and so free childcare will be provided. While children are welcome in all of our services, we leave it up to the parents as to which services their children may find more comfortable. 

The service begins at 7:00pm and generally lasts about an hour.

Free childcare is provided. 



Services are held at 9:00am (Modern) and 11:00am (Classic). Join us for a celebration of the Resurrection!

If you are new to Markham Woods, please click here for more information on directions, service styles, and childcare. We always welcome guests to Markham Woods, and hope you will join us!

Free childcare is provided during worship, but there will be no Sunday School (aka, G.O.D. Time) between services, due to the Easter Egg hunt to be held on campus for children. 

In between services on Easter Sunday, we will hold an Easter egg hunt for children on campus. There is no charge, so please come and join us!

The hunt will begin around 10:15am, and will end before the Classic service at 11:00am.