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What is Financial Peace University (FPU)?

A biblically based curriculum that teaches people how to handle money God's way. 

What does it cost?


What is FPU Membership?

When you purchase a Financial Peace University (FPU) membership, you receive all the class materials and access to the FPU online resources you need to succeed. Your membership means that you can attend the FPU class as often as you like. Spouses and engaged couples can attend together with a single membership, and teens living at home are welcome to attend with their parents.

When is the class?

Contact Patti Lovette at if you are interested in learning about FPU.

How is each class structured? 

Each class session lasts approximately an hour and a half. For the first half of the class, Dave Ramsey teaches on DVD. During the second half, class members come together for a small-group discussion and hands-on activities. Group members support and encourage each other as they work to change their financial futures.

What happens if I miss a class?

As part of your membership to FPU, you'll receive audio discs of all nine lessons. If you miss a class, you can review that week's lesson on CD and share what stuck out to you with your coordinator when you return the following week.

Videos of each lesson are also available in FPU Central. You can view two complete lessons for free and rent additional videos as needed.

How many classes do I need to attend in order to graduate?

You must attend eight of the nine classes to qualify for a graduation certificate.

How to I sign up, or ask more questions?

To receive more information, or to sign up, please fill out the sign up sheet on the right hand side of this page, or email Patti Lovette at 





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For more information, please visit Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University website by clicking the icon below.