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Buy Your Tickets TODAY for the Haiti Mission Team Sponsored Feast—The Haiti Mission group will be hosting a fun fabulous food fundraiser to support the mission trip projects. Join us in Anderson Hall on the evening of August 18 at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are only $10 for adult and $30 max per family. Bring friends and family for a great evening out.


 As a part of being INWARDLY STRONG, we at Markham Woods place a strong value on our times to gather together as a church family; that is, the family of God worshiping together, not just family bound by blood.


Meals are usually free, but keep an eye on the church calendar for special dinner events where there might be a small charge. Dinners are sometimes potluck, but may also be wholly provided by the church.


Typically there is a short program during or after the dinner. This could be anything from an informative speaker, to a fun activity, to a presentation of a ministry group in the church. 


Dinners are almost always (barring our special Advent and Lent dinner series) on the third Wednesday of the month.


For more information on dinners, check our church calendar, check the church Facebook page, or call the church office at 407-333-2030.

Click for information on Lenten Activities