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Sunday morning classes (g.o.d. time) are held every sunday at 10:15am, in between services. 

Where: Conference Room 102

When: Sundays 10:10am-11:00am, June 18-July 16

Facilitator: Joe Pease (Certified Ruling Elder/Lay Pastor)

Cost: Nothing to attend, $5 for the book.

Who: Adults (anyone above the high school age)

Curriculum: What the Bible Is All About by Dr. H. Mear

Do you want to understand the Bible as one big picture or panorama in a clear and concise overview, without a long term commitment? Or do you just want to know “the bottom line” as it relates to you? You can start with this offering.

This summer class offers a time to discuss the big picture of God’s glorious design for each person. This simple, common sense approach focuses on learning both the overview of the Bible and glances at the nature of God. Class will consist of participation, asking questions, and talking in community. There will neither be lecture nor grinding details. Both novice and expert are welcome here!

Where: Anderson Hall Room 3

Teachers: Brett Blackadar

Cost: Nothing

Who: This class is open to any student grades 6-8.


Where: Anderson Hall Room #2

When: Sundays 10:15am during the fall of 2018

Facilitator: Cindy Teetzel

Who: All ages, from children to adults

This is a new intergenerational ministry that explores faith using four components of the early church. 

Where: Doshi Room 101

Facilitator: Chris Leinenkugel

Cost: Nothing

Who: Adults (Anyone above the high school age)

Curriculum: The Wired Word 

This is an engaging Bible study curriculum. Participants receive a lesson on current events each Thursday. It covers a timely current event in the news and provides Bible passages to help us view this event through a biblical lens. In class the following Sunday, we meet to share our thoughts. 

Where: Anderson Hall Room 2

Teachers: Bryan & Ashley Southard

Cost: Nothing

Who: This class is open to any student grades 9-12.


Anyone is welcome to join any class at any time, though signing up in advance is helpful for facilitators of classes where it is necessary to order class materials. 

For further questions about G.O.D. Time, please contact Chris Leinenkugel at cleinenkugel@mwpcusa.org or call the church office at 407-333-2030.